UK weather , storm incoming


Well that was short lived warning warning storm coming in , blah blah blah

The usual happens and it’s a no show …

I don’t know what’s going on with the weather forecasts lately they can’t get anything correct. Won’t rain today … Rain sunny today … Rain
Windy today … Rain
Gonna rain today … Rain lol
Snow today … Rain
But the summer was great this year.

What’s it like in your part of the world

I’m in North East UK … it’s erm … Wet today with a possibility of sunshine and wind … lol why didn’t they chuck snow in the forecast just incase …

Anyway have a great Tuesday everybody



Yes have a greatday mate,

I’m in Leeds just down the road from you, its been trying to chuck it down all morning.
Still grateful for all the bikini weather we’ve had this year though :slight_smile:


Hah. I went to the UK for a month this summer, expecting rain (which I actually like).
Nope. Hottest recorded summer ever and I was standing in the sun all day. :sweat_smile:


Yeah it was a fantastic summer , the best I’ve seen in years . Yeah not far away been past it but never in Leeds. Cloudy up here some sunny spells a bit breezy but nothing special. Autumn is here lol



Yes it is… dark nights drawing in…
Got cape verde booked for December, I’ll be missing the sun by then :sunny:


Same here @Chris_T rain everyday even tho know it’s a little bit good weather here in the Netherlands across the ocean of the UK :yum:


We should have been born with flippers in our countries hahaha @PHXInvestors :cloud_with_rain: