UK firms ready to microchip thousands of employees, Would Electroneum require a microchip for KYC in the future!

Might sound crazy right now but this is happening and is being used as a form of identification and to boost security

mission creep aka technology creep !

We are all ready, we got social security number that identify us in a system, a microchip is only more modern.

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Actually it goes further than that very soon if you disagree to the chip in your hand , you will lose your job you will not be able to buy food at the amazon go store where you need to scan you will not be able to have a bank account or drive a car or even have a house because everything smart like the smart car the smart tv the smart house your banking everything will be operated by this chip in your hand. Its ultimate control by silicon valley and big government that most people have absolutly no idea whats coming down the pipe

Why do you think Google IBM etc are developing IOT , internet of things its going to be driven by AI and your going to have every smart device be controlled and communicate through one device that chip , being locked out of that ecosystem will not be an option and milions will happily be injected soon , the big firms have alrady prepped for full scale release , everyones going to be chipped within 5-10yrs

we dont need it its against humans we are not robots!!!

Not happening to me , no chance .

Besides this has been mentioned for years , I doubt this will happen

i find it funny that people seem to think they have an option not to be chipped , as soon as your locked out of your bank account and your smart driverless car does not opperate unless your chipped , or your grocery store only accepting a swipe from your money transfer via your implanted chip , i really dont think you have a choice dear unless your wiling to give up your life and live on the streets homeless ?

I dont think silicon valley gives a shit what you think they just want power , sorry

are you that blind dude !! look at the first main article

UK firms ready to microchip thousands of employees , that is taking place theres no fantasy in that its being mandated , Biohax, a Swedish company that provides human chip implants, told the Daily Telegraph it was ‘in talks’ with a number of UK legal and financial firms to implant staff with the devices. Apparently, one client has ‘hundreds of thousands of employees’ and probably believes that injecting chips into their workers is easier than issuing them with a security pass.

This isnt just coming out of my arse , its real !

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Someone Should read the book of Apocalypse
It could be the work of the Illuminati.

okayyy… but what is a reason behined it? if we know that they want power we(humans) must be against them, maybe time is come when liberalism wont be popular haha i hate prseudo liberalism which is all over the world

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Wow , no need to bite . I didn’t say you were lying lol , this crap has been said for decades .

Ok then I’ll change what I said…

Not happening to me , no chance
Besides this has been mentioned before , and if people go for it they are stupid ! Brain dead sheep that need a slap.

Stuff the job if that’s Mandatory , leave .

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how do we defend ourselves, we gave up our right to bear arms.

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Human rights . A company wants to place an object inside your body , no court would enforce that , unless the government is in on that then we’ll would all be screwed
If they wanted it that bad those who disagreed with it would either be rounded up like cattle forced to comply or jailed .

Plus there are plenty of instruments that can be made … Mad Max comes to mind lol

I doubt it would come to it. This has been around for decades and it’s still not here.

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some will submit, some will resist and be rounded up bolshevist style, and some will be prepared to die for freedom

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I had to clean up my reply if you know what mean … But yeah agreed . Instruments can be made from anything…
A-team style , or macguyver whichever lol.

Just make sure your prepared in the UK it’s law ( old ) for everyman to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and to own one .
I did , I have . I may be oldish and slightly broken but if it came to it.

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