Two Android miners running on different phones?


I was hoping you could tell me if I have two Android Electoneum miners running on two different phones will they generate separate coins if they are logged into the same account (logged in with Facebook).

They appear to show the exact same amount of earnings - if it is the case that both phones act as one how do I setup my phones so that they can both mine separately?


I think that you have to create a new account with a different email and different phone number in order to get that right

As far as I understand it you can only mine one mobile with one account , and 5 different phones on different accounts on one i.p address.

So what your seeing is most likely a duplicate…

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I’ve tried the same (of course :joy::joy::joy:) but you need 2 account and number phone. 1 number, one account. It’s logically, in effect…