Turkey VeBitcoin Exchange Etn Deleted

Good Days,
Turkey in Vebitcoin.com exchange Etn Deleted.
Exhange when I asked " removed indefinitely " they said.

low volume? maybe, anyone have some ideas?

That is a weary smale exchange https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/vebitcoin/

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I support the theory of low volume, it makes sense.
If you are to run a secure exchange today you need to be hosted on secure servers.
Also I am pretty sure that they run one server per node, so that if a server was to crash or needed maintenance, only one coin would be taken down.

I don’t know exactly how expensive these servers are, but I can imagine they are quite expensive.
Sporting multiple layers of top notch software and hardware security and the fact that they are in a location that is heavily secured against physical intrusion.

When they say indefinitely they mean that if the coin grows popular they will re-list it, and if it don’t, they won’t.