Trying to withdraw to paper wallet with no success


Over the last few months I have tried withdrawing some etn and putting them on a paper wallets from my.electroneum wallet. All printed, but have never affected my account balance.
Today I attempted making 3 paper wallets for my entire wallet balance, at two hour intervals. The transactions do not appear in my transaction list and my ETN wallet account balance does nor go down. Nor has it ever from any paper wallet printed. Any advise would be appreciated.
The forum admin suggested refreshing my wallet before printing, which I did all three times. My wallet represents 3/4 of my holdings that we want to save for a large purpose and not have to mess with further KYC for now. (We’re level two.)
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The offline wallet talking bit of time while synchronized with the hall blockchine of ETN so be patient it will end soonly I think .last time I tried to import from my offline wallet it takes 1 week .so this my word for you .have a good day .


My objective is to keep my etn safe and the majority away from KYC, at least for know. I’ll be using those in the paper wallet for a major purchase.
How can I verify that they are being moved to the paper wallet before the 12th? (KYC day)
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did u transfer ur coins to the paper wallet? printing a paper wallet doesnt mean ur coins are going there… make a transaction to the public wallet address


This is the first time I’ve read this or been told this in the year with Electroneum. Thank you very much.
I’ve been delusional in thinking I was protected offline.

Thank you very much. Hope many read this.


Are these thew appropriate steps in making a paper wallet.
First print out papaer wallet.
Second-In my personal Electroneum wallet- make a transaction to my public address in the paper wallet I printed?

Is this correct? Sounds solid.


yes, that would be the correct way to transfer etn from your app or web-wallet into a paper-wallet


Thank you very much for your help.