Troubles importing paper wallet


I have 10 paper wallets. I wanted to import them, because i’m lvl 3, & wanted to keep in my online wallet. So the first 5 imported no problem. Since the 24th i have been trying to import 4 more. 2 went to failed after a few days, 1 imported and 1 has been pending. I resent the two that failed on the 26th & they show pending. Usually they show pending for 1-2 days, then processing for 1-2 days. But when they showed processing, would show the etn balance from paper wallet. Could the block chain be slow from the KYC deadline? I have never shared my private keys. Getting worried something is wrong.


@cuddlesquid , could you be of assistance here?


Could the block chain be slow from the KYC deadline?

No. The paper import function would not be effected by the blockchain like that.

Let them get a result, then if needed raise a support ticket. Keep in mind the paper wallet import can take many days to complete, so be patient and don’t try multiple times.


Ok thanks I will wait a few more days


I don’t understand why any of these type of issues occur or transactions take that long. Seems like basic stuff.


The transaction is the very last part of the paper wallet import process Storm.

Its creating a new wallet using the public/private/view keys, scanning the entire blockchain from scratch and then sending the coins to your my.electroneum wallet. Not to mention a queue for starting the dedicated process and all with top level encryption and security procedures to ensure the keys are kept safe. It takes time.

I’m sure the team will look to streamline it in future, but right now the wallet functionality is top priority.

Remember, anyone can do this themselves using wallet CLI and a local (or remote) node. If time is a concern for anyone looking to import a paper wallet in future, i strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the process.


Yeah I run CLI wallet almost daily.