Troubles importing paper wallet

I have 10 paper wallets. I wanted to import them, because i’m lvl 3, & wanted to keep in my online wallet. So the first 5 imported no problem. Since the 24th i have been trying to import 4 more. 2 went to failed after a few days, 1 imported and 1 has been pending. I resent the two that failed on the 26th & they show pending. Usually they show pending for 1-2 days, then processing for 1-2 days. But when they showed processing, would show the etn balance from paper wallet. Could the block chain be slow from the KYC deadline? I have never shared my private keys. Getting worried something is wrong.

@cuddlesquid , could you be of assistance here?

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Ok thanks I will wait a few more days

I don’t understand why any of these type of issues occur or transactions take that long. Seems like basic stuff.

Yeah I run CLI wallet almost daily.

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