Trevon James on etn

This is our biggest YouTuber by far. The recent upside is beginning to attract the bigger stars.

This guy is hilarious - be better if he didn’t speak and just let us read the numbers…LoL It would be faster too !!!


121k subscribers though.


The biggest Crypto scammer


He aint no star Hes cancer to crypto projects and hsa been in court for the whole bitconnect Scandal , he just uses his user base to pump and dump coins for his own benifit , which he has done before , He has no interest in ETN hes just a speculator who jumps to anything that makes money , if there was a coin called turdcoin he would tell you its the best coin in the world to benifit from it and dump his bags on everyone eles. i would avoid him like the plague

proof is in the pudding look at this video he released a while back , saying how shit ETN is ,

You can tell whos been in crypto longer than those just in it now , the ppl in it recently dont do their historical research !


I think ETN should apply for a universal gag order on this guy regarding anything ETN !

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Oh Trevon bitCONeeeeeeect t James. Can’t believe he still has that many subscribers! Yeah, I wouldn’t listen to him If I were you! Type that will quiet happily take advantage of his whole user base for money. Sad really.

Oh, he has a suit now. Crazy.

I hope he doesn’t continue talking about ETN. He’s already got a bad image in crypto. Some people would never buy anything he talks about.


He’s terrible for our project. Makes us look like another bitconnect Ponzi. He’s probably raising funds for his court date. Why isn’t he in jail yet?

He is actually saying nothing in that video. And he is like plague for our coin.

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So what, you can change your mind. And he said in the video that he is generally not investing in ICO’s.

Yeah that bitconnect stuff was not okay, but everyone does mistakes and he paid for that so I personally welcome Trevon in our community. :slight_smile:

None of you knows him personally yet everyone is quick to judge.
Yes his bitconnect shilling was not cool and he probably understood it by now.

Forget the past, we are a friendly community and welcome new users.


Only thing that should happen with him: