Traveling With ETN


With the following in mind; That the intended future for Electroneum is to have partnerships worldwide, and that it may well become a trusted provider of identity verification…

I’m wonder what the odds are that one day, possibly, we could actually see an ETN Travel "Visa"? Of course this depends mostly on Governments accepting ETN, but I suppose I’m just wondering if the team has tinkered with this concept at all.





if the corporates are backing a coin, then i cant see why governments wouldn’t accept it, as long as its regulated with KYC and AML.


That would be kinda cool @Nicolas i know that i would use it for sure :sunglasses: and like @a46d780ca9c84529fd78 said i think because of KYC Electroneum most likely can go so many ways to develop themselfs for the future :blush:


Seriously, how do i change my name. lol


Heey @a46d780ca9c84529fd78 go to your profile on the top right corner then click the little wheel and you can change your user name and name and profile picture and such right there :wink: hope that helps :+1: