Travel and Using Electroneum App?


When travelling and/or being on the road and using WiFi in unfamiliar locations, do I need to do anything to secure my phone and more specifically the Electroneum app so that coins are not compromised?
Not sure if it would be the right thing to do to delete or disable (android user here) the app when on vacation/holiday.


Well, if you are an European citizen I will advise to use your 4g and not to use public wifi.


I’m not a European citizen but will be travelling to the UK. Because using cell data 4G will not be available on my current cell phone plan, I’m hoping to use WiFi when available… of course not looking at bank or other sensitive data. Just curious if someone could tap into my Electroneum app.


@Doctor is right. In europe there is no extra data roaming cost. ETN is thinking about cloudmining though. So you could just get ETN while you are not connected to the internet.


Indeed. Stay off public Wifi’s. You could also consider a VPN tool. There are some for mobiles and it routes your traffic through encrypted channels.

But safest is to just stay off unknown WIFI.

The new mobile mining that the team have discussed may help as well as they would not require constant connection.


A VPN app I could recommend for top security is avast. But you a have to buy it


Gotcha. I would incur a roaming charge just because I’m from the U.S. and my plan would have a bill through the roof if using cell data.


I will have to be on WiFi to check back with emails and texts from back home. So that is why I’m concerned in regards to the ETN app.


I’ll look into VPN. Darn it, I just removed Private Internet Access about a month ago.


another way to do it is to buy a cheap smartphone get a prepaid simcard. open a data hotspot and mine from there


Maybe the new cloud mining will help in the future. But it’s not available at the moment. Maybe when the ios is released.


Understood. Worse comes to worse even though I have mobile mined since day one it became available to us, I can just forget about that and do it upon my return. My thought process is so long as I’m not logged into the Electroneum app and don’t attempt to log in, no one should be able to keylog and get my password and pin.


Well you could always try to buy a local Sim card with a European plan. You could probably get a 1 time simcard for 20 euros with 50gb of data I guess


man the connection is secured to the network wherever however you are connected there is nothing to worry about and no one can gain the access to yr ETNs once your wallet got its own pin and 2fa and this is already provided automatically without controlling it
each login to the online wallet if connected with mobile or on the web requires the captcha sign and your pin and no one can access the pin cause its saved no where
the online wallet if we remember got delayed to be revealed and its using amazon secure servers tested carefully by the hackerone team
so if the connection is safe i dont think your stuff is compromised but for better secuirty its recommended to find some sort of secure connection
but i say it again there is nothing to worry about the team have been working for this since the last year to make sure everything is safe


Much appreciated MiCca. Makes me feel a little more secure.


anytime bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: