Translations done by the community

I already had a conversation with support about this topic, but none of my corrections were applied. As a German native speaker I found some major mistakes in the German translation of the electroneum website and the app.
The idea would be to use one of the community driven translation platforms to get translations done correctly, as the current translation is done really badly.

  • “Unterschriebene Vereinbarungen mit globalen Mobilfunknetzen” should be “Unterschriebene Vereinbarungen mit globalen Mobilfunkbetreibern”

  • “Bietet eine digitale Zahlungsmethode für Industrieländer.” should be “Bietet eine digitale Zahlungsmethode für Entwicklungsländer” as this current version is a complete contradiction to what Electroneum is focussing on, namely translated to “developed countries”.

  • “Ermöglicht einen neuen 3-Milliarden-Dollar-Markt” translates to “3 billion…” but it should be “trillion” in English, which translates to “3-Billionen-Dollar-Markt”.

Nice topic. I found some minor mistakes in my language as well

You are right Same for dutch, some minor mistakes were made :wink:

Tag the same to the support of devs team, if they are in the forum…