Translation last payment screen to Turkish

Hello, i have implemented etn pay to my wordpress website with woocommerce plugin, its in test right now however i need to change the last payment screen which barcode appears to Turkish, anyone knows how to do this? since im not a software code geek please suggest easy to do things… thanks

whats the path for this? what you need

It is a bit of a hack… but you could edit the relevant text in electroneum_ips_library.php located on your server as per the image below:


Question is whether you feel confident enough/willing to have a go… It should work—just did a quick test, please look at the last line of text I put in as a test in this image:

(And apologies if that Turkish is “wrong”, I used Google translate :wink::joy:))

Would be happy to try to help, if you are willing to experiment.

Only issue is that once you edit the code the way suggested here, any updates would overwrite your changes and you’d have to incorporate these all over again…

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great job! thanks, see the screenshot. The first ever cybersecurity related educational sales packages comes to the scene with electroneum payment on woocommerce! details are on the way… wait for a few weeks!


Brilliant, well done…! :+1::+1: Incidentally, you could even do the same to the “Scan with the app or click to pay” if you dig a little deeper (and I thought that would happen automatically anyway?)… ; )

Of course the question is—@Egg, am looking at you—are there plans for proper localisation?

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So helpfull you are, thanks, did that also… its the “etn.vendor-widget-0.1.0.min.js” file to edit

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Yes, we have this already coded in ready for translations. There should be an update soon released to GitHub with support for the main languages used in our other ETN projects.

A release note will be posted on the main API thread.