Transfer GUI wallet to CLI (Easy way)


Andre publicly stated the GUI wallet will not be updated for at least a few weeks after the v10 fork (if at all).

The easiest way to open your GUI wallet within the CLI without having to perform any restores is to simply copy the wallet file (Whatever you named the wallet upon creation which has no extension) AND the “wallet.keys” file (2 files total for each wallet you created) from your documents\electroneum\wallets directory (default windows location) to the directory you have the CLI.

Then start the daemond.exe wait for it to be fully sync’d, then start the cli exe and open the wallet using the wallet file name. Enter the password you set for it on the GUI and you’re in.

That’s in, you’re done.

*credit to @Crypto_Kangaroo for making me aware of this method. I’ve done it and confirm it works!

Does anybody have any simple instructions how to transfer GUI to CLI on a Mac? :grimacing:

I do not use MAC. But I am sure the process is pretty close to the same. You just need to know where the gui stores the wallet files.


I’ll just put all my ETN on an exchange, more chance of me losing it all myself while messing around with GUI/CLI. :man_facepalming:

Thanks @BegaMutex, all CLI/GUI instructions I’ve come across to date only give clear and precise step by step information for windows nothing from start to finish on a Mac. I have made several attempts hunting for files and attempting to open CLI but even the simplest of tasks as entering the wallet name was a problem when the terminal window could not find the wallet. It was actually a forum user that assisted me with setting up the GUI on my Mac due to lack of info available for Mac users.

I’ve just written up some instructions, I’ll create a new thread so they’re more easy to find


That’s brilliant @M44FFW and very much appreciated. Thanks :pray:

Its just waiting for an admin to approve the topic

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