Transaction failed with error code 16


Hello all. Is any met the problem when transaction failed with error code 16. I know that “# Error code 16 and 17 - Not Enough ETN - You have tried to send more ETN than your available balance” BUT - the app said i need 5 ETN fee and I left 10 on the aviable balance and now transaction failed without updating aviable balance ? Where is my funds and how long to wait it back to aviable ?


I am still waiting for the past 11 days. I sent the ETN from one wallet to another, it says retrying since then, and the ETN is not in the sender wallet as well, it is…somewhere, there!


Heey @Rachel can you let the developer team have a look at these problems? :thinking:


Renew - i ve just created support ticket and describe the answer when i get it.


That’s good @Artari :+1: i think as soon as the developer team got time they will look into your problem :wink:


Please raise a support ticket at if the funds aren’t in your account within 172 hours.


I don’t think this can help. I have my problem since 12 days ago, and still no solving. Opened two tickets, they can’t provide me with any good answer.
My question is who controls these transactions? You let them settle by themselves or how does it work? Does someone from the team intervene for this transactions to be finalised?


Please tell me the ticket numbers


The first one is the one I created 12 days ago.


The ticket has been answered.


Yes, I know, I said above that ‘‘they can’t provide me with any good answer’’. Is my problem solved because of the answer they gave me? I imagine no, so…


You haven’t given enough information in your ticket for it to be fixed.


I asked what do I need to provide as additional info, and they said email and phone number. Those were provided. What else should I give them? My pin number? I believe nobody knows what’s happening and you are just stalling. That’s too bad…


You have not given any information. Please discuss this on the ticket, not on here.


hello, I am having that same problem. Did the ETN Team fix your problem?


Yes, i ve got my funds back in 3 days. My advice for all if u want to sent more than 5000 coins you should left at least 5 coins as fee for every 5000 etn, cuz every splited transaction reques at least 5 coins. F.e. i wanted to sent 15k coins and left 10 coins on the wallet and its failed. Next time i sent 15k with 15 coins lelt and it was done with 4.17 coins fee. All transactoins splits on 5k and should have 5 coins for each. I sent it to the exchange.


I did that, I left about 20 ETN. Well I submitted a support ticket waiting for a replay


thanks for the advice, I will leave more ETN on the account for my next withdrawal as for now i am waiting for the ETN team to fix my problem.


I think all ll be good. I met fast and resultative service from the team.


You must not leave balance 0.00 otherwise the transaction will fail. You always have to leave something like 0.10 etc. etc. Many people have solved that.