Transaction failed - error code 16 & 17


The transaction has failed because you have not enough ETN in your account. This could be because the blockchain wants to split your transaction, and you haven’t left enough ETN behind to cover the fee. You need to leave more ETN behind, for example, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 ETN. It can take up to 172 hours for your ETN to return to your wallet.

CLI Wallet Transfer - Understanding "Change" & "Spent"

Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps a pinned thread with all the error codes somewhere?



I received a transaction In the morning today, the Instant payment icon (double arrow) appeared almost immediately showing a transaction is on it’s way, but till now the the ETN has not reflected, as the payment has literally not reached my account. Meanwhile Incoming notifications above my expectant transaction show that payments have been received and the blockchain has been updated.

So why the delay?Help