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That first question about remittance partners was mine from the reddit questions. I didn’t word my question very well, just wanted to get Richard to talk about it heh…so I’m glad they included it even if it wasn’t worded exactly how I would have liked after hearing it spoken out loud.

I bet remittance partners are as excited as mobile partners about getting things up and running.



That’s awesome good work :+1: truly exciting stuff :zap: the only thing is we knew about this… So is the secret project in addition to this system :thinking:



True, could be something else, since we did know of this.



I still find it very possible that is what he was talking about needing the team in the office for. Possibly its a integration or feature along with this system :thinking:



The thing is even back during ICO, when I read the white paper and saw ETN was mobile based, my first thought was the remittance angle and the cheap fees and the centralization of the mobile wallet app.
the gaming angle was cool, but I saw the bigger picture right then and there…knowing already that the personal remittance angle would come into play eventually once they realized what they truly had in their hands.

It’s a match made in heaven IMO. A no brainer, especially with the virtualized wallet instant payment system ability.

Game Changer on a gloabl scale. Serious use case scenario.

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Billions of dollars will soon be abe to be sent to the recipient instead of paid to the transfer agents in fees.

Assuming agents don’t get greedy and try to take advantage of the zero fee angle and take too large a cut in fees. But most likely the sender will know the fees are zero and if n agent tried to charge too many fees, they’d just bypass the remittance agent and acquire ETN on their own another way.

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I completely agree I feel as if they are really on the right track. The remittance system will offer such a practical use case. Dang now you’ve got me all excited I let this slip my mind for to long. Game changer



We’ll just have to see how it shakes out, use for remittance may be slow out of the gate while the eco system and infrastructure of agents and fiat agent /vendors is put into place…but once it begins to gain some momentum, it’s game on…game over for the traditional personal remittance model.

Get on board or get left to die in your clunky old school, high fees, permission based wasteland.

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If course the ecosystem will take time to grow and mature. But having such a system in place is huge imo. It’s worth a thread in itself imo if you want to make one you seem well educated in it :+1:



I wouldn’t be surprised if WU and Moneygram try to introduce legistlation to try and kill ETN and/or crypto in genral from being used in the US for money transfer purposes. I’m sure they are watching and have their lobbyist groups coming up with something.

Or maybe they just get on board, instead of fighting it.

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Naw, I’m sure everyone has some experience with sending money and can see the potential.

Even if it’s just sending a wire internationally or within borders, they have used remittance of some kind an know there are fees involved. Much higher than zero lol.

Moneygram usually around $8 WU a little higher than MG usually, but some areas don’t even have a MG or WU to send from or receive to.

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Lol I suppose you’re right.

Defiantly a threat to those companies, I see them working together before legislation deciding on anything personally. Like you just said Electroneum can get into places where mg and wu are not.



The way I see it is MG, Walmart, WU and the traditional walkin/online presence US based money transfer businesses will try to go on business as usual and they will be fine for about 2-3 years.

But…the online international based and US based remittance agents will take notice of ETN or their competitors who already have and will adopt ETN, in the beginning slowly, then it will snowball.

You’ll have a majority of the online based services using ETN and capturing more and more of the market share until WU and MG have to make changes or die.

I could post a list of online remittance agents not named MG or WU, you’d be surprised how many there are out there.

That’s not mentioning the local vendor/agent remittance partners who will pop into existence in the next year or two because of ETN.

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I agree with your theory :+1:



I was going to suggest ETN contact http://mlhuillier.com/

But I’ll wait until after MWC a little bit, let them worry about what’s on their plate rigth now

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Here is a list of money transer partners ML Hulier works with …ML hulier being the payout agent.

And this list is not a complete list of online money transfer agents



When the time is right tell them that’s massive :+1::zap:



Yes, your post refers to the same thing.
I had only virtual in my mind.

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Oh yes and you did.ROFL
That was excellent, thankyou.
A lot of thought went into that!

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My Stellar guess might be off the table. They just got on freewallet. All top ten CMC coins are on there now.

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