Top up airtime / data with Electroneum - coming soon!


  • Feature not released yet. Coming soon.

While going through some of our mobile app options. I came across this.

  1. Open Electroneum mobile app and tap the More button (cogwheel icon)

  2. Tap Top up your airtime/data with ETN

  3. Coming soon!

arrrghhhh I noticed that too but didn’t want to say anything - it probably tied to the imminent announcements. I thought it might be better if more people were surprised haha


Surprise! :grin::rofl::sweat_smile:


now we can talk about it haha - I was like man so awesome…!!! big idea and I am sure more and more companies can onboard through that option. Exciting stuff.


No doubt, its a start, and a big one. Branching this feature alone can go so far!

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this must have been the announcement richard spoke about. who won the 1000 ETN?

Oh dang just saw you have something going on this. Had no idea it was announced :scream:

I just had a brain explosion, a good one to. Most of you have probably figured this out already though. So this new feature on the ETN app implies that we will be able to top up data etc inside the app, however it doesn’t tell us through whom it can be done with in particular (service provider)
I’m now thinking it will be addressed by all providers across the mobile networks and if so this in itself is going to be friggen massive for Electroneum and it’s mass adoption.


Yes! It’s gonna be HUGEeeeeee!

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Thats the way i see it , no point rolling out an update that only certain areas or regions accept.
So it has got to be all carriers. If thats the case . Strap in cos its going to be one hell of a ride



Yeah this is massive, and one thing no one has mentioned here is the fact that it’s there at all. Which means it’s a done deal. There’s something about to happen. SOON!


that new features on the app are only an update right?
no announcement yet from the team so i might assume the 2secret announcement are not yet in place… correct me if im wrong

Well maybe that does constitute a secret because they didnt tell us about it.?

They seem to like playing their little games.
I think it might be to alleviate their own FoMo.


We dont really know what the 2 secret announcements are, this could be one of them. MWC in just a few days though!

lets see what roller coaster ride we go on with the price - spiked to 420 sats I think after the instant payment system announcement. Maybe this time it will go higher - my guess is it will settle into a higher price range at the very least.

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I really think 2.5 to 4 cents is possible

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yeah etn is undervalued I think so its going to jump sooner or later i feel. fun times ahead. going to be a lot of market activity soon.

that would take us at rank# 25 i thnk

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mewn lambo wen! :rofl::joy:

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