Top 50 already!

Congratulations to every etn holders.
We all waited for this and finally its here.
We are at top 50 or so(getting up and down ) and still may rise more.
Keep holding and supporting etn. Remember the marketing and a lot of products are still there.
If just an announcement can do this thn just imagine what happens when they do what they have in their to do list.

Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to keep talking about ETN and spreading the name more.
The more people know the name the more popular the coin gets. (Take advantage of the time)

We still have far to go, so keep talking about Etn and spread what the Coin is doing on mass adoption.

#Community #support

this spike will surely correct.


Pump and dump club

Read what is going on. , They are fighting the bots …

Great information in here and a fantastic team . M-kid is the man with the plan it’s him and his team .


I told my girlfriend yesterday. “You know what I believe ETN will reach top 50 again for sure at “some point””… Well… that escalated quickly :slight_smile:

Agree with a correction though.

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It might correct , hopefully up rather than the downward trend we have been having


I think it should move up steadily to avoid crushing

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The little I have will be held for long. I represent gang #Hold4Long


I’m actually holding for 20 years by then I will be 37 years and will be classified as emmanuel the electroneum billionaire