Tool for beginners



I want to mine on my computer but can’t find the tool for beginners in Windows. When I use the cmd tool it needs to update 620 days. Tried downloading the chain but doesnt help.

Can you give me the simple tool?


To mine electroneum at this point you need to have an asic. Computer cpu and gpu can’t get enough hashrate to compete. Also it sounds like you were trying to solo mine you will never find a block that way and as a result never get paid. If you want to mine with your cpu and gpu you are best off pointing them at a mining pool. In another thread on here someone launched a mining pool where you can mine with cpu and gpu. In reality you are mining another coin other than electroneum, but being paid in electroneum. I’ll try to find that and link it here.


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You can use this pool to mine and get paid in etn with your cpu or gpu.