Today ETN pump!


Why ETN has pumped today?
Does it have any relation with 10th Oct?


Was wondering the same


Do you know Redwan that after 10th Oct by passing level 1 of KYC we can withdraw without any limitation till 12th Nov?


We’ve seen a few articles circulate. People seeing it now… slowly but surely just wait for the adverts to start.


where did you see that?


Which one?
ETN pump or second question


What happen on 10th?


KYC level 1 will be mandatory for everyone


Didnt pay attention to kyc lately


The pump seems to be gone, back to 0.02212090 ?


This morning was @ 0.024€. Now is stable @ .019. Great!!


the article that says the deadline is nov 12


So it doesn’t matter if you can’t complete level 2 and 3 anymore?


See the other thread in this forum called Fight the ETN Dump. That is why we are pumping and stable since .005 cents. This along with hopeful news from ETN about several deliverables. HUGE possibilities coming up. Friendly whales supporting ETN by buying up the sell walls and holding all the coins they can get.