To those complaining about KYC , Pundi X has now requested the same of its community


Pundi x is going through a coin swap and in order for you to qualify you need to complete KYC , so to those who complain that ETN are doing KYC , all of the crypto space is starting to wake up to the fact they will need KYC in order to work with real world partners who are legally required to have such information.

This is going to be a big theme going into 2019 for all crypto

The only difference here is Electroneum have first mover advantage over all other cryptocurrencies as they are the first to implement KYC !


I think we will see a lot more of this in the coming year. I’m very thankful they have it in place and are working out all the kinks currently. We have a huge head start :+1::zap:


Thanks @Izmo
I was just asking about that !
Thats a vote swinger.
So many cryptos are now racing for KYC.
Good thing we’re the first Compliant one.


Hey, you posted again. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Don’t stress the peeps who get mad. Crypto brings the worst out of some peopke when they tie their dreams to a project.


Hi thankyou for the support il try to bring as much value as i can to the forums , cheers


Well many mass adoption coins will need KYC/AML. Some will be more valuable without it. Will be an interesting next few years when we find out which coins fall into each camp. And of course many will fail. And many more will start up with a wide range of use cases.


We lead the leaders now they following the footsteps of thus great coin ETN for life


Thank you for sharing @Izmo and it shows Pundi see’s what’s coming too and getting prepared for international regulations. More and more cryptos are going to see if they want large partners and to be truly accepted KYC is going to be something they need to do. I see a few touting how they’re going to never have to implement KYC ever regardless of what happens, they’re going to be in for a rude awakening.

ETN as you said is the very first one to implement KYC and you’re correct on it being the first mover advantage. Businesses will see ETN did it first and that will not go unrecognized by any of them.


copycats. :unamused:


They wish they were first to be kyc :wink:


Thanks @Izmo for sharing this news
it’s really great for ETN to be the first to embrace KYC .
People should try to understand that KYC is one of many critical steps for crypto to move forward. It open the “door way” to Mass adoption, partnership and real usage case for the crypto currency.

KYC lower the risk of the bad things like scam, terrorist funding and money laudering that are link to crypto currency.
It make etn economy feasible with people having less to worry of being scam .
theoretically when users are buying , selling items or services using etn they can feel safer with KYC being implemented by ETN. Companies , businesses and government body will also be more willing to accept crypto with KYC.


interesting to now see what partnerships come of this , after all kyc was the stumbling block earlier to enable corporate penetration , now that they have KYC the worlds theoretically ETNs oyster !


Stratis is also doing KYC now because of attracting corporations to its platform.Iy can only be a goodthing and it will only get better.