To the mods and staff of etn


Just a message to the Moderators and staff , thanks for your help when I’ve been stuck or had a question or 3.

@MSystem @BegaMutex @ETNCEO @Corentin @Egg @ImogenD @Jade_O @Jeff_Knight @Rachel

Also the support staff Who sorted my transaction delay :honeybee: @Bee so thanks .

So to all the staff be you a volunteer or working for etn .


Thankyou .

We all know your busy as hell with kyc , transactions , problems etc so we the community ( your etn family ) salutes you all for your hard work and dedication.

For fixing issues when they arise as quickly and efficiently as you could.

If I’ve missed anyone I apologize but I cant add more than 10 users lol , I sincerely thank you all , you have given us something to look forward too , and many of us a possible route to our dreams…

Thanks chris


Thanks Chris for this thanks. And I too join this big thanks. Maybe in future they recognize my Twitter profile with a lot of ETN content. :frowning:


That will be next post hahaha thanks to everyone else’s dedication lol


Good post. However, you might want to find another image. It is intended to be sarcastic. LOL


Hahahaha I never thought about that , hahahhahaha woopsies…pic changed hahahaha


Well I’m the troublesome guy on these moderator’s
But they always exercise patience,
I say Big Thanks too


Thank you for your kind words Chris !
it is a pleasure to see you around helping people with their questions and ideas. I see you are a regular in the forum and we appreciate your time and dedication to this project.

Have a nice weekend


Thankyou for your kind words…

Have a great weekend