To someone who is generous enough

Hi there…
I have this little thought to encourage someone who has big heart to create an ETN tipbot group which in there we can freely tip, play and organise games like trivia, quizzes and many more… we can tip someone, make it rain a few ETN… In this way we can help those who have not and hardly earning ETN through mobile miner.
I think it is fun, what do you think :laughing::kissing_heart:

@cuddlesquid, maybe you have the knowledge to this…

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Eh I feel ya! This kind of bot takes quite some time to program, a little out of my reach and time wise unfortunately :frowning:

The only thing thats stopping something like this from already coming is most likely time, we are new, If I was to guess, its going to come. Though all of our public help is most likely tied around instant payment system and eCommerce plugins.

Wish I could put some effort in both areas, will do my best!