TO ETN management: I just want to report this site, Its almost the same as the original ETN site


I just come across to this site, it’s look similar. Please verify this site. Thanks.



its a phishing site by the looks of it.


Yes its seems like, even when u log in or registered to a new account its the same with the eTN ori site.


Well then don’t enter your details


confirmed phishing site, i grabbed the list of victims and will email them, but if you did go to that site and entered your info, change your PW now.

More people fall for these cheap phishing scams then people think, there is a good amount in the list, i added XXXX to not disclose



I opened it in in recognition mood but then I haven’t entered any email and password do I have to change my PW?


No, your fine as long as you did not enter any details.



Oh okay thanks that’s awesome I’m sure the Authorities would work on it


Woohh, lucky i didn’t enter my details. Good job cryptocapsule.

How to be like you. Hehehe


I sent Richard a message and also sent the host and registrar a email to shut it down.


That’s why I report it to you guys to avoid more victims and to shutdown that phishing site asap.


Thanks for the quick respond.