Title display a BUG?


It keeps on returning to none…
Who has the same experience??


The group is filled up. Wait till another group is created.


are you pertaining to OKex exchange??


Yes, I tried joining the telegram group and the bot says the group is filled up that I should wait for another group to be created


i’m also waiting for the new channel so that i can vote for ETN.


I changed my title in profile to enthusist but keep changing back to none… is that what you mean? :slight_smile:


They changed the rules, now you can vote but have to post a comment on twitter with your TG username + the coin you voted for !


yes baby… maybe it’s a bug


I am having the same problem.
seems like a bug to me.


OH now I see what you guys are talking about lol my bad, I had no such problem using Chrome 68 on W10…