Titanium (TBAR)

who got scamed by this and Michael Stollaire and what happen to him


Sadly I have, and I heard he got jailed some time ago.

i did too i wonder wer money as gone

Same, the Bitconnect money too. Who’s keeping all of this money? XD

Never invested there…

seek justice, maybe class action could bring precedence to a case like this in cryptocurrency

titanium was my first ICO…lost 3 eth when price was @ $1000

My first impression of him was that he wasn’t for real but I fell for all the hype and bought some. Should of gone with my gut instinct. I don’t think he’s in jail, the legal system works slowly and he might be slimy enough to get away with it. I’m not going to try and get any money back, this was my fault and I’d rather lose the money, as it might stop me making the same mistake again.

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I was thinking about investing in it but luckily i didn’t because i didn’t had money for it at that moment and when the news came out i did have money and put it in ETN instead :relaxed:

Wow, that’s the first I’ve heard about this. I remember I came perilously close to investing in the ICO. There was a tonne of hype surrounding this project on youtube. Bullet dodged.

just goes to show anyone messes with crypto eventually you’ll get busted and get totally rekt


Believe the SEC has it

I lost 1 Eth at its ATH and felt like such an idiot when it turned out to be a scam. I’d felt a little uneasy about the way Michael conducted himself in interviews but ignored the red flags because of his affiliation with Electroneum. (though I take full responsibility for my decision)

The SEC intends to retrieve the stolen funds by liquidating all of Michael’s assets. I’m assuming this is to redistribute the money/crypto to ICO investors, hopefully, that includes international investors too. I believe he’s requested 6 months to come up with the money. If he didn’t cash out, maybe he’s hoping for a bull run to make the money back before he hands over the private keys to the wallet(s) - that’s assuming he hasn’t already had to do that.

There are SEC published documents on Reddit showing the LAPD had no record of Michael Stollaire ever reporting the theft of the BAR tokens. There are also documents from each company Michael claimed were strategic partners stating that they’d either never heard of him or he had grossly exaggerated their business relationship.

I would be very surprised if he didn’t go to jail but there’s a possibilty the SEC might be lenient if he’s willing and able to come up with the money. I imagine his legal expenses will be paid out of investors money though.

I was 1 hour away from investing because I waited to the very end and it was sold out. Lucky that but if you look at it the other way there are now many “running “ projects from the last bull run’s ico that practically worth nothing if that is any consolation

me also, only 0.2 ETH though… lesson learned for me anyway… I never invest in any ICO anymore without weeks of study…

I got scammed out of 20,000 Tbar

Now worth nothing. 20 characters

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$20,000.00 USD is a massive loss for me still trying to dig out from it.

To be fair you would not have much of that left even if you were in etn at the time.

Right I have lost my ass over the last year. on just about everything and I was in a lot.