Tips to improve this god-forsaken forum


Any ideas? Overall, I like these two ideas:


You could start by avoiding negative connotations and not using “god-forsaken” in the title.
This forum is quality and runs like a dream.


I disagree somewhat. I think we need to get more traffic to the forum, increase the diversity of discussion/encourage people to talk about crypto as a whole and not just ETN. The forum can’t be sustained by people focusing solely on ETN.

I think the previous 2 ideas are good: putting a link to this forum in the mobile app, and having some kind of game here that will increase user engagement.

We need ideas.


The forum to be accessed within the app itself, like an iframe. But all in all, we’re fine at the moment.
Except for the ETN that doesn’t get sent from wallet to wallet, at least for me.


We won’t have a problem with traffic soon. This is very much a quiet before the storm. Picture Mass adoption, millions of ETN users.

When ETN goes full steam to gain these users, this place is going to be flooded with newbie questions and issues. It’s going to require tons of man power to keep this place organised and informative. I think it needs to remain on topic and to the point.

Random clutter won’t aid the cause and end goal and will only serve to annoy. Just IMO…


I agree, the forum has to be kept to ETN topics only, especially taking into consideration the amount of people that will adopt ETN. We all know that type of forum which allows basically all subjects to be discussed, pets to be sold, cars to be fixed and so on and so forth.
Let’s not get into that!


We can still come up with ideas to improve the forum. Yeah, the forum will get busier as ETN user adoption grows – I’m just trying to accelerate the process.


We could implement blackjack. I saw that on another forum cant remember the name. With insta payment this should be posible but the team has other priorities …maybe in the future.


Who knows what’s in store for the future.
But for the moment, let’s all focus on the coin itself, because it has so much room to grow and if the steps for doing that aren’t the correct ones, all this would have been in vane.

Look at how long it took for BTC to reach the current status. In the first 3 years at least it was basically unknown. Of course, the level of awareness regarding cryptocurrencies is a bit higher right now, but nonetheless, only 1% of the world’s population is in crypto at the moment. Go figure…


Apologies to the previous poster, but imo, this is the ETN forum for ETN only. If i need to speak or read about other cryptos I can use the hundreds of other resources on the net. This space is ETN!!!


I think it would be amazing if you could tip users for posts via the instant payment system.


Really good idea, you should make a new thread about this, I think it will be worth it.


Seems a pretty busy and active forum to me, compared to ETN discussions at other places.


I think the forum runs great and is working well, on there roadmap it already says they will be launching a community app so maybe that will include the forum.

Having a game on a forum seems alittle strange, maybe a livechat board at the top would spice things up abit but they can get abit crazy when lots of people are online.


When I registered for the forum I couldn’t even post for a few days, saying I needed to wait for approval. I had to message moderators to ask them to approve my account.

It would be a big help if this process could be sped up or stopped altogether, a lot of people will want to come here for help. When they can’t post for three days they will probably get annoyed and give up, like I nearly did.


Thanks. Its the only useful addition I could think of :slight_smile:


I tried adding my wallet to my profile, you can check it by clicking my avatar.
Probably this will be a good option for everyone, until they indeed add the tips thingy.


Etn giveaways to active users would be nice, to me. I am talking about 10-100 etn, so not much