Tipping system directly in forum


I just randomly had the following thought:
What if a member of this community would be able to tip some ETN to some other member?
Wouldn’t it be great to thank a member for an useful post by giving them some ETN?
It would be easy to integrate that like in this photo:


Yeah but how could it be implemented? It is kinda hard to link your wallet to your forum account and whenever you tip 1 ETN, be taken from your wallet.


Your account is connected to your wallet and community afaik.


You only connect with your electroneum account on the community. But to have access to that wallet would be a huge task.


Well, sorry then. Just trying to bring some ideas in :slight_smile:


No, man, this is a super nice idea, just that they have to think for a bit how could they do this.
Maybe if they implemented a way for us to be able to add ETN from wherever to our community account, and from that community account to make the tip.


Yeah, that makes sense. So it’s seperate. :+1:


the problem with “tipping” people for content, is you then bring out all the folks who will comment on EVERYTHING hoping they get tipped by someone, and before we know it threads have hundreds to thousands of responses of people trying to get tips without really adding anything of value to the discussion as they chase tips…

it becomes a nightmare to find quality responses that aren’t rehashed by numerous people hoping they get the tip for parroting a response in another way, its been a nightmare on other places and eventually the real things get drowned out because folks are just chasing tips, how will they moderate the mess that would make…


There is a link somewhere here that list peoples public ETN addy you can send “tips” to. Usually I just reach out directly to the person and send via Cryptopia. Lots of options!!!