Tip.cc bot listing?

Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have ETN listed on the “tip.cc” discord tipping bot?
In case you’s don’t know what this bot does, it’s really simple:

  1. Increases user base: More users will be using ETN because of new interest in discord cryptocurrency servers that use the tip.cc bot. Say, I tip 100ETN to {@user}, they are now a consumer of the currency, therefore adding to the user base.
  2. It’s good for engagement in the ETN market: Lately, the price of ETN has been rather stagnant and a little hype did no harm, right? With this bot, we can increase hype, and maybe, possibly, boost the price for everyone to gain from!

Electroneum team, please contact tip.cc with their website: tip.cc
the fee is only $400 to be included in the bot!


Can you pass it on please …

Thanks me ol matey :grin:

Sounds like a very good idea.
However i have difficulty working with discord. I didn’t like it coz i never play games:(

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