Timing is everything!


Just wanted to put this thought out there. We are in a horrible ALT coin bear market and many people are extremely anxious for the ETN team to release every bit of good news they have about Electroneum right away in an effort to reverse our current dip in price. Good news being released during this bear market may have little to no effect on our price. Releasing news about partnerships, exchanges, apps or other beneficial things need to be timed correctly to maximum the positive impact they could have on our price. I am fine with Electroneum team keeping things close to their vest and not spilling the beans at the worst possible time.


Well said and you are quite correct !


I agree and if you look at other Cryptos they do release far too much noise “news”. I’d rather let the releases do the talking. Going by the app and this forum I’d say whenever something gets released it will be a pretty polished and complete. If you look at Apple for example and most of the top companies, products and news come out to maximise with full impact.


Cool dude…:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m loving the current price!.. I’m scooping up so much more ETN than I initially thought I’d ever had access to.
The time to blossom will come soon enough. I’m happy to watch the plan rollout and prep work take place :slight_smile:

I agree that they should use the news when the impact is most beneficial.


Agreed, Have been able to snag many millions more of ETN all under 1 penny as well! :slight_smile:


Agreed! Also the ETN community overhyping and shilling on public forums is getting us rekt, going out and talking up ETN when we don’t have a finished product people are questioning why it’s overhyped we just need patience and to keep a lid on some things


I will like us to also look into this >>> Problem With ETN App


Well, the creation of this awesome forum is a big news all by itself ahah


well said… if it pumps during bear market, it will only create artificial price hike… we want it to be natural and long term


Precisely! Me too. I never imagined I’d horde up that much ETN, and honestly I’m hoping the price drops to as low as 40 sats so I could stack up on some more before the real price-journey begins


I agree if they time it right we can gain much more value out of the news and the price will also reflect more on it then in the long run we all just have to be patient and hodl on and buy more because if we finnaly start going up one day and everything of electroneum is out and they start marketing in 2019 i doubt that we will ever still see these prices again :sunglasses::rocket:


The other angle to think of is just that they are active. A lot of investors assume that when the market is going south not much is happening and that is the farthest thing from the truth. I love it when they (ETN team) send updates on what they are doing as it makes me feel more involved. I agree how ever that in a well placed update impact, even if just emotional, can help! I think these things will have much more impact once the coin is more established!


http://newslinepro.com/2018/09/24/electroneum-jumps-the-ranks-on-milestone-news/ check it out. This relates to exactly what I was saying above, stuff is happening, and now the coin will get the recognition it deserves all along


Wow such a great read! Can you imagine when we become a top 10 coin! This is going to be one hell of an exciting ride.


Nice article @Thunder :open_mouth: