Time to address the elephant in the room f2pool NOT processing transactions


Yes lock their accounts!!! For what we have kyc!


Their pool hash power has cut in half recently. https://miningpoolstats.stream/electroneum
They used to be at almost 4 GH/S
Their empty block rewards are going down, now only 9678


Now the have only 1,8 GH/s … :thinking:


yeah, I think they are busy manipulating another market now, thank moon for that (im guessing NewTechnology-ASICS are FPGA in real life)


This could be the reason unless those are Bitcoin asic farms.


Yep, totally agree.

Companies making/programming these things (both ASIC’s and FPGA’s) all know they can milk a lot of coins by running them for some time before making them available for the general public. Doing so gives them major hashing power advantage, where they are responsible for a great deal of the hashing power on the network which in turn will give them a huge share of the block reward.
After they become readily available for the wider public the hashrates will run away with themselves reducing the block reward (their share)

If it is a farm that is programming FPGA’s they will be switching between coins dynamically to whatever is the most profitable at that time. So i expect the hashpower for f2p pool to return whenever our sats price rises again.

I know you probably already know this @RSKNOR but hopefully this helps explain it to the people who don’t fully understand what it means or how it works.


DOWN goes F2 pool! Only 170 MH/S


Would you mind elaborating on this post? I’m not sure what to make of it.


They normally dominate our blockchain with recently 1.79 GH/s but for a long time before that it was at almost 4 GH/s


Would you care to speculate as to the reason for the drop?


Scroll up and read my previous post ^


:ok_hand: Great job staying on top of the f2pool stuff @Aironeous. You are a big asset to the community. :fist_right::fist_left:


It’s nice that no one have now over 35%…


They are back mining empty blocks again with 44.9% of the network hashrate at 1.79 GH/s