Time to address the elephant in the room f2pool NOT processing transactions

I know it has been brought up, and some foofoo’d it and didn’t think it was important, it just became important, as of the time of this post, there are over 600 transactions waiting in mempool with some as old as 10 hours plus, that are being ignored by empty block after empty block after empty block… “piggybacking” as I call it, they are mining rewards without processing transactions, providing ZERO benefit to the network…

the whole purpose of miners/pools are to process transactions and move the network forward, if they move the network forward without processing the blocks, the network sits in limbo, people unable to conduct transactions, and transactions that will expire once the maximum threshold is met, today has reached a critical example of why we need to spread awareness and get miners to switch from those pools…

an article was done the other day, pointing out how f2pool is doing this to other coins as well, ethereum being the highlight of that story, they are no stranger to this style of behavior, they have done it to bitcoin in the past among many others, and now they are abusing the Electroneum network with this same action, mining empty blocks just to get a greater percentage of awards is nothing short of theft from you!



why do I use such a strong word of theft if its something not breaking the core code? because without transactions you cannot move your coins around, without transactions people can’t shop, without transactions people can’t trade on exchanges, so they are stealing your access to moving your funds, they are getting paid to provide no service, if that were any other business you would stop business with them, so we need to encourage miners to stop mining with them, and move to pools processing transactions…


the link above leads to a website showing the pools available, miners currently on f2pool/poolin should immediately leave for the next set of pools because they are processing transactions, and if transactions aren’t cleared up, the network will continue with 10 hour delays for some transactions, THAT is something we should all be infuriated on, spread the word, get the message out, tell those you know mining, and send a resounding message to Electroneum Ltd that they should make a statement about this, to add pressure…

What is the solution - Can ETN team banned f2pool from mining our coin?

@profit we need to reach the miners and convince them to leave before harm is done, the small gains are not worth destroying the coin when they will have nowhere else to go with their asics at these profit levels and with so much future potential… thats why a public message from Electroneum Ltd might go a long way to say they are aware, unhappy, and encourage miners to leave those pools until this practice stops!

the only way to force the pools to change, is to steer away their miners, which means taking away the pools profits bit by bit as miners leave for other pools who are processing transactions, until they conform to the how the community wants them to act, which is simply process the transactions available in mempool on EVERY block… absent that there is zero that can realistically be done, its a decentralized coin.

I think it’s not normal pool, that many miners on it. I still can’t get in to there website. This mean not everybody can mine with this pool

Possible f2pool is own by bitmain, they may have a lot of asic miners in there stock now

Not sorry - China is a criminal country that cheats in every category of trade. Google (or any other search engine) any category of trade cheating or stealing and China is at the top of the list plus #1 Technology theft.
China is thousands of years old but claims developing world status. Amazon pulled out their servers because of governmental tech spying (sold them to another country).

I heard a program on NPR where a furniture maker went down to find out who was counterfeiting his furniture and it was a general in the army and he said F.U. your business is my business now.


I was talking about this the other day, it’s a massive issue that needs addressed! And we don’t need people coming in saying everything is okay because they watched a YouTube Video.
What they can do to fix it, remains to be seen. Even with an email going out don’t see it changing anything, mainly because they can only email their mailing list of people who have an online Account and i’d bet 90% of the ASIC Miners don’t have one, so they wont receive the email.

I would also bet that one large mining Company is responsible for 20-30% of that hash power.

You nailed it mate, the west are getting rekt by the Chinese scratching their own backs. So many issues to mention one off the top of my head is their extremely low electricity costs due to their obligations to the Paris accord.

I want to bump this thread. We need to stay on top of this. Right now F2pool controls the blockchain, the rate of coin sales and they are profiting from quick empty blocks.
F2 is conducting criminal activities. It is sad to see such low morals and respect.
The end user gets hurt here because of a criminal organization.

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3/4 blocks are empty right now. And there is pleanty of transactions sitting in limbo in the mempool. Wtf is going on.

Edit: make that 9 out of 10 empty. Someone just got 91,000ETN for doing nothing for the network.


@andrepatta any explanation on this issue?

I mean doing work on a network for free sign me up.


I’m sure Andre and the team are aware. I just hope they have plans to address this before we go mainstream and people’s TXs are hanging in the mempool for way longer than they should be.

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Is it OK that I love Electroneum, its tech, and its purpose but I loath its actual blockchain?


We have problems from beginning and now much more after the latest fix. I don’t know if this make the pool owner or broken blockchain… But we need power to fix it ASAP. Like I write in my excel hire some senior developer. The creator of monero is laughing at us see his tweet about kyc… And no official response from the team. We did not answer to tweets nor review at Google play… Have not money or stuff? If we can survive in these crypto market with over 2000+ competitors we need work harder… https://mobile.twitter.com/fluffypony/status/1050115495347855360

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This issue i am been talking since few months now… empty blocks are cancer to the blockchain… getting free rewards for doing nothing. . Etn team must fix this issue asapppp


Some people who are a lot of years in crypto laughing at us as a shitcoin. I don’t agree with them but some tech problem we have. Some are written here chrome

Yeah we need some official word on this it has been brought up many times…


We should not be bothered by anything said by the creator of the biggest privacy coin in existence. He is 100% dead against anything that creates a trail of any transaction, so he hates the idea of KYC. But we are not after the same things, he isn’t trying to partner with big Corporations like ETN is. Monero is also the biggest anti ASIC blockchain in existence! So much so that they fork every 6 months to stay ASIC resistant. Basically we are the complete opposite of them, despite being a fork of their blockchain. Also Monero is in for a lot of hurting when goverments crack down on privacy coins that are too “private” Monero is at the top of the list! Let him spout sh!7e because we all know what part of the body does that.
I hate the ASICs on ETN for the record, but these empty blocks need addressing.


Well said, I agree with everything. The Monero creator and its fan boys are going to hate on Electroneum anytime it receives positive press because Electroneum stands for everything Monero is against.


All that attitude achieves is make me want nothing ever to do with Monero. maybe turns investors off crypto generally when they see what an immature place it is. Don’t see company directors on the stock market acting like that in public.

They do their thing, we do ours without acting like a crybaby. Is that possible?


Crypto is full of Over-Enthusiastic Individuals who care only about their Coin. I don’t think it is Deliberate HATE, it is just overly passionate, with a touch of ignorance towards everyone else who is not in their circle. But from a spectators point of view it is like we all hate each-other. Crazy but true.