Ticket oneped one week ago - No replay, no answear, no NADA


Hello. I opened a complaint a week ago and no one has answered so far. Do I have any idea how long it normally takes for someone to answer?

can take 10 business days . …

Just wow…10 business days to resolve an issue. They are not as great as they seem.

so you want them to hire 100000 service personnel and burn the ICO money in a week and stop the company operations after you were served
or you prefer to wait a bit?

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In fact, I would like a little more promptness from them. Believe me, 10 days is not a reasonable time to solve a problem. I work in costumer support and if I rezolve a ticket reported in 10 days, I would fired in two seconds.

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…but i also suspect that you are working for a company who are offering a paid service/product?

I’m sure the support SLA for the Free Electroneum wallet/app will be analysed and improved once income streams are implemented for the project moving forward. I have no doubt the team would love to provide more resource, but things have to be prioritised… remember… the Free platform have Selfies checks, KYC verification and support queries… huge amount of tickets. So be patient and make sure to only raise tickets when necessary (i.e. use FAQs and resources on this forum where possible).

Also worth noting…AnyTask is under a different umbrella/company and thus I assume will have its own support for the platform and dispute resolution.


The best choice is to raise no support ticket!!! Finding your answers here or googling it is the fastest way.
If it cannot be resolved this way, u really need to be patient and also hopeful!!! Because some issues will not be resolved due to restrictions or rules.

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