Thoughts / Suggestions


Kinda thinking out loud here.

The IPS system allows multiple customers to pay into the 1 etn wallet.

I would like for multiple tills, running off the 1 vendor wallet, to pay out etn to customers.

my shop allows cash-out at till.
My shop allows ETN-out at till. Same principle.

It would require:
Api or wallet call to extract the exact amount of available ETN in the vendor wallet.

API or wallet call to send an amount of etn to a user defined wallet. With signed payload headers of course.

The idea us to allow a customer to purchase up to $500 worth of etn at a time, from a supporting dairy/shop


I hope this option are coming soon, i sugested that earlyer, but this ideea needs some atention


I understand the cli wallet may be able to do this, but I’m not sure if it supports commands across the network, and the CLI would utterly defeat the ‘ease of use’ I’m aiming for


I was thinking like a QR code shows on the customer screen after the seller accept 500$ and the customer just scan it ang goes, it would be one awsome future.

I walk in to the shopp and give the shop 500$ and scan a QR code and walk out. the Tech part i dont know nothing about


Yes I hadn’t thought of that, this is a good idea thanks for sharing.