ThorsHammer - New CPU / GPU Mining Pool - Payment in ETN

Have a look at this video to start with.

Its a how to mine guide for an older pool.

You can follow it but change a few things

The pool is now

The web address is

When you select the coin - now select Bittube



Hi Bro.,
I want to produce etn on the computer. I have two graphic cards, each 4gb. Can I do mining? and How can I do that?
can you help with this issue?

Yes you can.

Join our telegram group and we can guide you from there


Hello, kindly share with me the download link of the miner as this is not helping electroneum_Pool_Miner_v1.2_setup.exe


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Thanks for the help.
after setup I select cryptonight_v7. but it saying share rejected even after detecting a block.

xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_bittube2 -o -u <YOUR_ETN_ADDRESS> -p x

instead of 580n you put
5801 : CPU
5802 : 1-2 GPUs
5803 : 3+ GPU’s


Thanks for the help, it worked.


It is so nice, thanks ! :wink:

Hi. Mining electroneum in thorshammer ( in command line ) will hurt our laptop hardwares like cpu and gpu as like as bitcoinmine in the short and long term time? Please explain completely

And what about internet usage mount? Is mining uses very internet?

Is mining with this spyle (thorshammer, command line) make my laptop hardwares beaten and Worn?

yes it will hurt the laptop hardwares like cpu, it is depend of the system, if you have a gamer computer, it can be okay, but not 7/7 24/24

it is the end of ? I don’t see any miners on it :thinking:

No - miners have moved over to a new proxy services which pays 2x to 4x more ETN per day. Info is on the Telegram channel. Miners can see their payment stats now at


Thank you ! :grinning:

New Revised ETN Mining Options for CPU and GPU Miners

As you know ETN cannot be mined directly by the public, so we mine other ALT coins, and we auto-exchange these to ETN and pay our miners in ETN. This takes the hassle out of miners doing this.

We have recently switched from a Pool based service to a Proxy based service to increase the return for miners. In some cases, we have seen an increase of 2x to 3x.

The concept is simple – the proxy will hunt around and mine the most profitable coins and pools automatically.

To achieve this, we need ALL miners to use the XMRIG miner only please – as it supports auto algo switching.

The new setup will process payments once a day for now – normally around 10pm UK time.

Proxy Web Page:

Telegram Group:

Other useful links

Miners workers payment stats:

Proxy Payments to Miners to date:

NOTE: Mining requires some technical knowledge, it WILL use electricity so there is a cost to consider. It can be cheaper to buy coins than mine these days, but if you can afford the short term power costs and you believe in the future value of the coin increasing, than mining can increase your holdings.


Am new so I don’t know what to do to earn ENT.

go to the telegram link above. crypto kangaroo is more active there

@Ikelemen alright I will try it out.

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