This is why Richard sets his eyes on Africa 🌍


A little speculation: maybe this is the reason Binance won’t have us on their exchange so far??


Wow. That looks very promising for Electroneum :slight_smile:


Absolutely right…There is so much potential in Africa …I am from South Africa and at the moment ETN is hardly known…I think with a bit of marketing That could really change…!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::ok_hand:


I have said this for a long time now, This i believe is the very reason Binance doesn’t want to list ETN
Binance wants to target Africa’s unbanked and ETN WOULD BE A HUGE THREAT TO THEM


You got a good point there mate, haven’t made the connection myself :exploding_head::exploding_head:


Good to see some fellow South Africans around here! Kom ons braai man…


South African here too :wink:


Absolutely! I believe that ETN should stay low for now as to not attract too much attention even though it may cause less investors to be buying ETN. Luckily, the ETN project is currently funded by ICO money.


Makes a lot of sense. We won’t be needing binance as much, havibg being partnered with Quoine. Liquid will help etn a great deal when they get running!


Nigeria will embrace etn more than any fintech we have here that takes delight in charging high fees. I hope etn gets into Nigeria in a special way.


Africa consist of 90+% of the unbanked


Richard and his team need to get moving on marketing in Africa because BINANCE is hot on their trail , Binance plans to overrun electroneum in Africa it’s not a secret anymore as to why they won’t let ETN On their exchange


I think we should be looking at Venezuela too. Dash is in there now and gaining traction but the price for dash is still very high. ETN would be easier for the locals and the mining will be great for them. ETN had the money and marketing to make that country a big success.


This company is going to change so many lives with financial enablement. I will enjoy watching it happen.


That’s a good place too! With their hyperinflation ETN can play a major role, though they are planning to have their own national cryptocurrency.

Another great place to look at is Puerto Rico, they are still recovering from the hurricanes that struck last year and due to the destruction of a lot of their infrastructure it’d be easy for the people there to start anew with cryptocurrency as a their new way to manage their finances


That’s very correct. The price of etn right now suits these 3rd world nations better. 2019 will be great to fully establish these national ties.


Correction *** this is why bINANCE set their sights on Africa ! Electroneum is already in the space well ahead of binance! why do you think binance will not list ETN cause they are trying to get into competition with Electroneum! It’s the only logical reason as to why a small exchanged like binance Will not list ETN


I agree with everything you said brother, except Binance is not a small exchange anymore and I really wish they did list us, but I guess if you got haters then you’re actually doing something right :wink:


Algeria here too happy to be a part of electroneum


i was being a smart ass when i referred to binance as a small exchange …lol