"This is not financial advice"

Btw the “This is not financial advice” that pops up in almost every video. Is that some law that ensures that stupid people won’t follow you advice? Just curious, but I fail to see how other people can be responsible for your own assets, to me it just seems like some shitty “ace up the sleeve” a stupid person who claims lack of credibility for their actions would say.

Could there be serious consequences without using that info and if not, why is so commonly used in youtube videos?

BR Saint

People are like sheep and follow things all the time. I don’t see how anyone random can get in trouble for talking about price but Richard Ells has been very careful about it as he is CEO and has said many times he can’t talk about price. I think it depends very much on who you are. Some random guy on utube giving advice and someone taking it is just funny anyway.

I do understand a scenario in which Richard Ells would be doing it, but Digitspin Crypto, All About Tech, Truthful Rob etc?

Yeah I think everyone knows that anything can happen in crypto and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose etc. Blaming someone else for your own actions is a bit much. We are all responsible for everything we do.


I completely understand. But regarding my question, there’s nothing legally binding that forces you to say it but rather a good-willed spirit from the people who does it?

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I don’t think there is something legally binded to that no unless i am wrong of course however then you can’t really sue anyone because they warned you in front to do your own due diligence instead of taking advise from random people :wink:

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Its really easy for people to sue you for their losses if you don’t mention it. Its more for legal purposes.