This is exactly why I invested in ETN



Hope ETN will change there life, this is the reason why I believe in ETN❤️


If they manage to do everything they want to aim for doing everything with mass adoption to bringing ETN to the unbanked i think they will change really a lot of life’s over there for them even the mobile miner might help them out already so much that i wouldn’t doubt that they would love to try out ETN and to use it on a daily basis in the future. :blush:


Thanks for the video. ETN can help with this problem for sure.


This is why its important to get involved in projects that actually have a purpose and a goal. There are cryptos that revolve around tipping buskers and street performers, thats a neat gimmick but ETN is truly one of the ones that can actually solve an actual problem.


Tipping buskers and street performers with crypto is a cool idea.


I agree with you @TruthfulRob ETN keeps surprising me ever since their ICO and there are so many coins out there that i look at and and be like this one doesn’t even have a purpose or try to accomplish something :yum:


Very few coins that really do. XD I’m heavily invested in ETN & POLY. I can’t find any other teams that are all that transparent with a business plan set up to incentivize others to use them, let alone have a good team of devs that can provide information needed to users instead of ignoring them and plopping celebrity faces and news on their pages. XD I’ve also got a small amount of a few other coins, but it’s hard to diversify into anything when you believe so much in a couple of others based on stuff like a lack of presence from other projects. Some coins are actually quite counter-productive too and defeat the purpose of even having this space. I have a certain one in mind that’s currently near the top that throws celebrities’ faces around constantly to generate hype.