This is brilliant


I found on telegram ( although a great chat ) that many things were not controlled very well or controlled way way too much . Here in etn’ s official chat forum it’s so much better . Feels smooth looks great and so far no issues or arguments love it.



Yes love it and the way it’s connected to your actual account.


Yup, there are advantages to an instant chat platform, but a forum setting offers a HUGE amount of functionality and freedom…especially when it has been implemented as well as the team have with this one. :+1:

Excited to see it grow and become a one-stop-shop for content and information.


I agree, it’s been fantastic thus far and I’m really enjoying the experience. It was a really wise choice to have integrated the forum this way. It seems to be a real success so far too, it’s great to see.


Instant chat is great but a forum you only need to read what you want and the most informational posts. Apart from reddit there was no other way to do this. Now we have more Freedom and way less Spam. Plus our ideas will get noticed a lot more.


OMG this forum is a life saver. At least now you know who is actually signed up and isn’t just some FUDDAH!!!


First they fork back to ASIC and now they fork telegram to forum!

Jokes, it’s really good. :smiley:

A lot of good information and helpful posts were getting lost in telegram, it’s great to have everything in one place.


I wouldn’t find it difficult looking for chat history again. While in telegram, I lost so many information that I should have now, but thank God for this forum!


Yeah, I love this. I can’t believe I missed it coming online (I’ve just learnt about it,) it’s so much better than trawling through Reddit and Telegram. Another positive move by the team. I’m happy to be part of the community and always will be.


I really like this forum i am glad that they are bringing all the ETN Community Together in one place :blush::+1: