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The :dragon: dragonchain at the end is interesting

ETN Friends HappyOur


ETN is doing well look :eyes:

Does AnyBody know how to help with badges

Etn will go great. I only fear the chinese miners. Im afraid all the new miningpower will dump so hard we just stay ok profitable in price for a looong time😑


Is it because they have cheaper electricity from coal!?


China is planning and finishing around average 1 coal plant every week built over a period next years. Our EL cars here is just a joke.
They are in control of the world soon. Not only crypto. They build a city first, with streets, buildings, everything, finish. Then they move in 5million people. Straight in. Fabrics also ready finnished outside. Like this they put in huge amount of people from regular poor peasants to city, industry workers with a fingernips.
Effective as ants.


Yeah I agree! I’m England we ship our recycling to China and I think it gets land filled!!






@BegaMutex hi do you know why or what I’m doing wrong for a first link or shared link?

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Badge collecting?:smile:


Yes I just have 4 to get then I can stop… well three I wouldn’t flag someone! :v: