This cool video was made by someone on the ARK team


It’s so good I had to share for ETN guys to see


Blocks, on blocks, on blocks. Lol


Nice! Thanks for sharing that. I haven’t been keeping up with the ark project lately, just check the wallet every so often and note the balance increase.

I remember when the hot dog vendor wrote into my favorite podcast talking about it, as he is a big fan of ark as well.
The Survival Podcast


Yeah ark is making progress - the V2 code is out and lots of upgrades to the network and some new partnerships. Ark pay is done now (similar to the etn instant payment system I think). Been lots of movement with delegates so staking changed a bit. They will be successful too. Different project to ETN but I was trying to get a smart bridge done to link the coins. I think someone might be working on that. I think ETN will be the first successful commercial project but I am confident ARK will work as they will tie together all the crypto economies with smart bridges and ACES.


Probably one of the best satirical advertisements I’ve seen…now excuse me, I have a sudden urge for a hot dog…


Just on tho. 20 dogs


Exactly. One. Hot. Dog.