Things i know for a fact :)


Nobody who knows the elite will sell under $5, so wait, stop bitching, and smile x MaHaBone.


How dobyou know for a fact? Lol. Are you from the future like the bitcoin time traveler?


Who are the elite. :soccer::soccer:Cain


Hehehehe we will purge the elite under 5$


Maybe we are fooling ourself, etn may never rich 5$,
I am sick of crypto.


It will surely reach 5$ and on


I hope so. .



I don’t have a a single doubt that


Us early adopters are the elite :slight_smile: lol


Maybe by the time ETn reaches $1 or $5, FIAT will be dead?? So the value wont matter anymore?


Hahahaha this made me laugh. I highly doubt this my friend. I don’t see it taking that many years.But anything is possible. Not probable but anything is possible.


I can’t wait for that day! In those days Electroneum will be considered fiat imo. Sorry the first time I read I thought you said WE would be dead LOL. It’s getting late on this side of the world it must be bedtime.


Lol I hope not haha!


Me too hopefully my first comment makes more sense now! Haha


Lol. The day after my death ETN goes to 10 but I never left it to anyone in my will because it was .008 the whole time. Hahahahaha. Wow, funny thought.


Lets add a little to this, CRYPTO is the future, we are in bed with the enemy(KYC), Were the only one in bed with them, we are the future, do the maths. Usury isn’t “all” the future. $5 is just a taste. Sell my pretties, because i WONT !


Do you fancy the idea that ‘one world currency’ is looking a lot like ETN? Because I do; i cannot picture a one world currency thats not easy to use/adopt and thats not on a smartphone!


Kyle that wont and cant happen, everybody loves a dialectic. Good for business, think 1984 :wink: Onwards to the collapse of the Euro, and the move to a Dollar based on precious metals.