Things I didn't like in

I am selling seo services online from past 2 years on seoclerks, fiverr & some other sites. I am a big fan of Electroneum and want to see a good future for If I am offending anyone then mods can delete this thread.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. No formatting in task description, under no circumstances I can promote my task with a description that look like just text.

  1. There are no Extra Services I can add while creating a task.

Now, I have a task where I sell 3 DR50+ PBN backlink for $10, if a client want more 3 PBN link he should be able to buy another 3 as extra from the same created task. He should not have to place another order to buy those. (I hope I am making sense as english is not my first language)

  1. There is no working referral system added into the website yet.

  2. I need an option to follow good content creator which is not yet available on our site.

I know the site is new and you guys have already thought of adding it into the website, today is the second day of using anytask and I hope to continue using it in future.

These things are my own personal opinion and I would like to humbly apologize if I offend anyone.

PS. English is not my first language.

Thanks & Regards
Team Salified

All feedback is welcome Salifie! That’s the point of the BETA… to find, fix and improve ready for launch and marketing to a wider audience.

On Anytask there is a feedback form (bottom right corner) especially for this kind of thing… fire these and any other ideas or criticisms you have through that and it filters straight into the dev team for review!

Many Thanks.

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