They need to put a fud button


After 20 votes for fud it gets deleted. Anybody agree?


The only thing I disagree on is he anount, 3 max? Please we need a FUD button!


Its a fine line between removing posts which have ulterior motives, and censoring criticism. We have a passionate community who love the coin, it would be a little to easy to end up doing the latter.

Constructive criticism is very healthy for a project. It opens up frank discussions and helps the team understand the views of the community. Ultimately, it leads to a better product and/or service.

FUD however, is usually pretty obvious…and very rare on this forum. People who FUD have their own agenda and are looking to damage the brand or influence price, not to openly discuss ways to fix issues.

Extreme instance of FUD would likely be removed by admins, but like i said, its VERY rare. Remember, something you think of as FUD, might actually have some merit to the team, either directly or indirectly.


I’m totally with you, my concern is that if you read through posts and I do! You will see people ask if there is a problem in the system, usually some expert will give a good answer to help us newbies to understand? Others, try to tell, discriminate by making statements that is unasked for? My opinion of a forum like this is to ask (politely), to learn, to expand? I think the ETN team are working as hard as they can to do what they need to do, so lets rather stay patient with great questions and answers? Fud is Fud(no grey areas?


No, unfortunately FUD is not FUD. Its not black and white.

For me, the general rule for identifying intent is whether the person is here to openly discuss. Its OK to raise a concern, but then they need to be willing to hear other peoples opinions.

Its very much a grey area and difficult to define. That why as a general rule its best to let people express what they are thinking, then let the narrative of the thread dispute or confirm. On the whole, if people are posting FUD, other community members will point out the inaccuracies. This helps the whole community better understand where we are and prepares them for making similar arguments on other platforms.

Any distinctly obvious instances will be dealt with by admins. There is a report feature if you feel something has been overlooked.


As @BegaMutex said, it is difficult to differentiate a FUDder from a potentially concerned investor. And as I said before, this forum is for everyone, and as a result, we won’t be all happy in regards of ETN at every moment. I am sure you had and maybe still have your issues as well, and every other ETN user can’t say that he has not experienced one.
But it’s best not to sit quiet and pretend all is fine and dandy, when it may not be the case.
We can laugh and express ourselves in a cheerful manner every day, as we like what ETN means for the future of our race, but if you don’t do a little self-criticism whenever something goes as it shouldn’t have, and you throw the issues under the bed, you actually hinder ETN’s progress, but you don’t know it.


For example in my excel sweet with statistic i have too positives and too negatives. about 10 point from whole sides.
Right now i dont like that the team spam their Twitter and Facebook with about 7 days old articles and still KYC posters.
I suggest them better to write a mail that the KYC is for 25 days and than send again mail 10 days before KYC deadline.
In this mail write if you have coins in offline wallets - if you need to do KYC, if you have all coin at Exchange what to do ETC…
Something like my post here:
Because i see that a lot of people dont know and here in FAQS isnt this mentioned and they didnt answears at twitter comments - whitch is too anoying for me… i write in excel that we need to have 1-2 persons to social media - to be userfriendly and not like corporate company who is not care about people…
Thats my view and not a FUD…
Its my point of view and someone can view from different side :wink:


I would honestly wouldn’t care about the Twitter account, even if we live in the social media era…whatever.
This forum is more than any other project has and even more. We had only the Reddit and the Telegram option until now, and the others still do only that.
Also, I like the reactivity of the forum admins all in all.

We should differentiate ourselves from the others, by not letting things go outside this forum, so we should get rid of the social media platforms and of course the exchanges.

We are powerful and we don’t need anybody’s help to thrive!


If we should have a FUD button we also need a FOMO button for fight the dump club


I think this is a terrible idea, peoples post can be reported and then reviewed by mods. Simply silencing people who have negative things to say about ETN makes us just as bad…

People should be free to express there concerns or negative opinions about ETN as they wish as long as they are following the forum rules. The problem is often people are to quick to call FUD when someone is raising real concerns we need debate and different opinions to move forward and work out the kinks.