They need to put a fud button

After 20 votes for fud it gets deleted. Anybody agree?

The only thing I disagree on is he anount, 3 max? Please we need a FUD button!


I’m totally with you, my concern is that if you read through posts and I do! You will see people ask if there is a problem in the system, usually some expert will give a good answer to help us newbies to understand? Others, try to tell, discriminate by making statements that is unasked for? My opinion of a forum like this is to ask (politely), to learn, to expand? I think the ETN team are working as hard as they can to do what they need to do, so lets rather stay patient with great questions and answers? Fud is Fud(no grey areas?


I would honestly wouldn’t care about the Twitter account, even if we live in the social media era…whatever.
This forum is more than any other project has and even more. We had only the Reddit and the Telegram option until now, and the others still do only that.
Also, I like the reactivity of the forum admins all in all.

We should differentiate ourselves from the others, by not letting things go outside this forum, so we should get rid of the social media platforms and of course the exchanges.

We are powerful and we don’t need anybody’s help to thrive!

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If we should have a FUD button we also need a FOMO button for fight the dump club

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I think this is a terrible idea, peoples post can be reported and then reviewed by mods. Simply silencing people who have negative things to say about ETN makes us just as bad…

People should be free to express there concerns or negative opinions about ETN as they wish as long as they are following the forum rules. The problem is often people are to quick to call FUD when someone is raising real concerns we need debate and different opinions to move forward and work out the kinks.

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