There will always be haters!

After watching Crypto Rich and his most recent interview with Richard Ells, richard spoke of how during the dot com boom, Ebay and Amazon were slagged off by everyone, and it has been no different for ETN!!! After hearing richard talk about ebay and amazon, it reminded me of something I saw months back and I would love to here what these guys have to say about ETN after the release of the Instant payment demonstrations that are circulating throughout the crypto community. I just love how ETN dont give a F&%! about the 1 percent in crypto and are just getting on with it. When people say things like this, I guess all it does is add more fuel to the fire… burn baby burn!!!

Forward to 32min 48sec


It’s my belief that ETN has more than haters though. We have competition trying to trip us up wherever they can because they can see the very real threat ETN is to their business/coin/investment.

The way the team conduct themselves in this environment should definitely be commended.