There Should Be Next Of Kin

I think it’s time they’ve given us option to add our next of kin,
So our family or choosen persons can inherent our investments.if we are no more.
I’m I making some sense?

I don’t think we would need this option. Because if we use paper wallets, anyone that has the wallet can use your etn

Isnt there a crypto ico that came out to protect peoples assets. Safe Haven? I havent read up on them though.

Paper wallet is no good if you die suddenly and you haven’t created one. I think adding a beneficiary is a good idea at some point. It opens up a lot of hassle for etn though to deal with claims on accounts of people who die. Something that needs to be looked at with block chain though. Otherwise we all need to have a will with all our access and passwords recorded somewhere for safe keeping but that in itself is problematic if codes change and need updating etc etc. Its a can of worms as they say…

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