There Is A Need For ETN Mass Adoption In Nigeria


The Electroneum community is not wide enough, what can be done to harness wide and mass adoption in Nigeria.

Great opportunity to get listed on Okex!

It’s about sensitization. We need to inform d public especially d youth of etn prospects


How can that be done? Because I know sensitization involves money, and if you don’t have the right/enough sponsorship it won’t work.


We can do it on social media.
One on one bill also useful


Yes, social media has a lot of strength.

This is how the community can help Electroneum. The actual etn team will do their part promoting the cryptocurrency on other fronts where the community will have harder access.

I’m sure they are setting up strong Pr campaign as well as have strong documents / use cases written for potencial clients and companies to get the coin mass adopted.

So while they are doing their job, we need to give them our support via the social media.


Ya know what, let’s not forget our domestic crowd either. Whether it be the USA, Britain, or anywhere in Europe…there are those that are unbanked that have mobile phones. And they love to buy stuff!!! They’ll convert their government benefits over to ETN if they can have an easy way of doing so. Don’t neglect unbanked people within the US and European nations. Russia too.