There are only a handful of coins that will survive, and ETN will be one of them


In a couple of years, we should expect that most of the current crop of crypto tokens and coins will not survive in any meaningful way.

Here’s what I think will still be around:

  1. BTC — for no particular reason, except the lack of an agreed-upon alternative, Bitcoin will continue to be treated as crypto’s reserve currency.

  2. ETH and EOS — one tech analyst I heard at BCI explained that these types of coins will survive because they are the infrastructure on which crypto-related businesses will run, much like the AOLs and other infrastructure companies did at the dawn of the internet age. I picked ETH because Vitalik Buterin is a genius and EOS because It has billions of dollars backing it up. I like Cardano but don’t see room for three of them.

  3. ETN — Electroneum will be the crypto used for day-to-day transactions. DASH may too.

Some might suggest Ripple as well, but banks only want Ripple’s technology; they don’t want to use the XRP token, and don’t have to.

Other than that, I am unconvinced that any other coin at present has a use case that warrants a significant valuation in the future.

What do you think? What am I missing? Let the flaming begin.




IOTA - the currency for the automated future!


the internet of things!


There will be a lot more coins that remain relevant besides the 4 you mentioned.

Coins with the strongest privacy and anonymity features like monero, zcash, maybe even zcoin, will be some of the most important (Bitcoin lacks in this regard).

Decentralized exchanges, crypto banks, and decentralized social media platforms will be a big thing in the future (YouTube for example, may be superseded by something like BitTube or BitChute). The companies that create the best product in each of those categories will become dominant in the crypto space and have tokens that are relevant.

Gaming tokens will also be prominent, along with crypto debit cards and their respective tokens (ie Tokencard, TenX).


You make excellent points, there will undoubtedly be a lot of the tokens you mentioned running on the infrastructure blockchain. But I don’t see how any of the tokens you mentioned will have a case for a large valuation, for the simple reason that the tokens themselves don’t represent an ownership stake in anything.

A privacy coin is another matter, and you may we’ll be right that there is a place for one or more of them. But to me, it’s again hard to see a large valuation there when BTC can fulfill most of it—and when they will be relegated to the dark areas of commerce.


Well, first you claimed that crypto coins will “not survive in any meaningful way” aside from those 4, but I think the tokens attached to decentralized social media platforms have one of the strongest use cases in the crypto space and will be the most used coins of all.

Coins like BTC have such inflated value because people aren’t buying them to use them as currency, they’re buying them to hodl them so they can convert them back into fiat further down the road and profit.

Cryptocurrency will slowly transition to a new phase where tokens will actually start to be used as a medium of exchange, thus becoming a functional currency rather than an investment strategy. I think the social media coins will be at the forefront of this transition and will be among the first cryptos to be used on the daily. The fundamental problem with BTC is that as the first of its kind, it’s just a generic coin whereas other tokens have been created for a specific purpose and are integrated into a platform wherein the token is designed to be utilized by the ecosystem built around it. We do not know if privacy coins like monero and zcash will be relegated to the dark areas of commerce; that’s how Bitcoin started out before anyone knew what it was. You’re making too many assumptions.


Etn will be on top of them


yep good point, coins like redcoin have a really strong case!!


BItcoin will still lead the top for a long time and I will explain why. Every time someone new comes in to the cryptocurrency space and they are looking to buy the majority of them will be familiar with Bitcoin. Even though they may not know anything about it, it will be on their mind. Like people running for a position in office you go to vote and there is their name that you recall on the ballot. You think, hey I remember seeing that name around and it has a familiarity to it. A large percentage of people getting into cryptocurrency have heard of Bitcoin, other coins not so much. So when they go to invest they will invest in coins that they know or think they know simply from them being constantly used in the media etc etc. Now it would be fair to say some people may not have any Bitcoin at all in their portfolio but I would guess that to be a rarity. ETN will be adopted by the masses and earn its recognition from many many people becoming familiar with it in the same way Bitcoin is to people now. That is exciting. So Bitcoin is here to stay, the question really is, when will ETN get equal recognition? Mic drop walk away…