The Yard & vegetables , green fingers club 2020

That is what i call a veggie garden… wow its hoooge !!!

Nice work going on there ! Thanks for sharing information ideas etc … really appreciate it…



May 31st veggies update…

herb wall coming on nicely , new additions of Oregano , lemon balm and strawberries …

Carrots , potatoes onions doing well … not sure these will turn out well as i have so little room . Trial and error i guess…

The nordman firr tree I thought was dying isn’t , decided to try adding more natural nutrients … worked a charm . Lots of new growth :ok_hand::grin:
Potatoes have just took off this year… nice warm weather is working its magic.

Tomatoes are doing great

Sprouts broccoli and cucumber doing well , i am going to need more room hahaha…

Finally spinach and beets … again i need to come up with a new solution for room… but all is going great so far.

Have a great day …


Oh … i forgot installed the water butt… hasn’t rained one drop since hahahahha … this is the u.k where is the rain hahahaha…

Tiny picnic bench bird feed station


New addition to the garden…
I had to get it the poor thing was :cold_face: freezing

Because it’s a little chilli :hot_pepper: :yum: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

( Dad joke sorry lol )


Summer is over for us over here.
It’s been raining heavily for 10 days.

And we’re expecting cyclonic winds soon.

My garden is gonna get REKT.

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View of my garden from my room.
I’ve got a couple of tall trees in my garden.
The view looks even better when I see the sunrise every morning.

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And here’s another view of my garden.
Edit :(I’m joking. There are 4 plots of land empty right next to my house. There’s plants everywhere.)
Basically looks like a jungle.


looks pretty cool :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

If you haven’t noticed i do like trees lol

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A few updates from the garden.


Veggies are doing great :+1: … congratulations :clap:


Done a test pull of one potato plant , not bad . So ill use these as the seeds for the next crop …

Im over the moon its actually working lol :laughing:


First batch taken out.

Guess whats for dinner :grin::ok_hand:

Cucumbers starting …

And the chilli plants sprouting now


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