The Yard & vegetables , green fingers club 2020

Good morning Electroneum Community…

During this pandemic many of us have got bored and started planting vegetables , flowers etc.

Thought i would share my yard …garden.

Bought this acer for a couple of pennies a few years ago they marked it up as dead …

Tomatoes , cucumbers and sprouts . Way too close together but thats it for the room , at some point i will trim them back or get some bigger pots for the toms…

Potatoes doing very well😋

Carrots, onions and beetroot

This ones full of random plants , mostly from bird seed . I think corn :corn: could be wrong …


Blackcurrant bushes

And the little bonsai black pine tree i planted a fews ago , it’s somewhere in the etn forum…

And my Christmas tree nordman fir but i dont think this will make it to December.

Oh and i forgot my herb pallet wall garden ( work in progress )

So there we have it , that’s what I’ve been doing to keep myself occupied during the pandemic .
Do you have a vegetable garden growing , if so please show .

Also if you have any help or ideas to help my small yard garden grow further please tag me and let me know. This is my first year doing all these vegetables so I’m up for any ideas…

Oh i do have strawberries growing too but no point showing that pic as they are taking there sweet time growing lol…

Pots on the pallet wall have in them

White flowers ( daisies etc )
Chrysanthemum all young so they will get planted when they get bigger …

And loopins

Oh and this . A centurion ??

And to help the cats stay in…
Made a small grassed area with cat grass.

Stay safe
Take care
And have fun in the garden…





Legalise Japanese maple! :sunglasses::wink:

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Hahahah… damn nice tree @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7

Changes colour in autumn🍂

Acer palmatum japanese maple :maple_leaf:

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Few weeks ago. :point_up:

And few seconds ago. :point_up: :point_up: :sunglasses:

Need to go water them soon…


Nice :ok_hand:

What are you growing :thinking:

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Two rows of black kale, one row of rainbow Swiss chard, a patch of radish. Three rows of garden peas two rows yellow beans, three rows of carrots. Oh and Some potatoes (that just pop up every year cos I never dig them all out) :man_farmer:


That will look amazing … no room in my yard for peas saying that i could run string across and create a truss for them . But I’m sure the wife would go mental hahahaha


I need to chop some branches out of two of the trees getting too much shade. Sorry tree. I need my kale!!


Nice gardens guys, haven’t touched my annuals yet, perennials coming back strong. Still have some frost advisories here so haven’t bothered. In the past, I’ve waited until Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) to plant.

Currant, plums, and apples in bloom. Wild strawberries too. Comfrey and rhubarb getting big.


We have been gardening ferociously. Lol. New beds. Infrastructure. Berry garden is new. We use our backyard and front yard.


Now that’s what i need !!! Space .

Love the garden @Crypto_Watchman :heart_eyes: love the cinder block use … ( i think that’s spelled correct , breeze blocks in the u.k )



ths is going to turn into an epic topic as weeks roll by. :man_farmer:


I knew you would show up here, always love seeing your garden. Still haven’t expanded mine, waiting for things to calm down on my end.

Ah front yard too, nice. Only thing I have in Zone 1 is strawberries in planters and the wild strwaberries that grow around.

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Gardens Looking fantastic :clap:


I love watching kris Harbour… his roundhouse and the workshop are amazing :clap:


Yup, I’ve been subscribed bout 2 years.

He lives near me, love watching him grow.


Update pics. May 28th.
Soaker hoses through the darker part of the garden. We do Back To Eden gardening. But in Arizona it’s so dry we have been disappointed by the wood chip bte method. Given that it takes a few years minimum to start seeing a mature BTE setup we are in year 4.

Many folks see dismal results when first starting this method. Even with proper layers of composted soil, manure, and new wood chips, it takes time to establish a balance in your ecosystem. We have had over population of ants, earwigs, rolli-pollie bugs, squash bugs, moths, cabbage worms, tomato worms and more. Not to mention the critters like birds, ground squirrels, skunks, cats, snakes and such.

Plant enough to have 1/3 for pests, 1/3 to share, 1/3 for you.

Diatomacious Earth is helping to knock down the over population of bugs. The chickens help as well (under close supervision).

Watering with soaker hoses, covered by the mulch, with a slow gravity feed watering system seems to be changing our ground moisture for the better. We have little pine tree babies popping up. As we water the entire garden, pathways, and all wood mulched areas to grow beneficial fungi and molds. We are seeing an increase in germination rates for seeds planted near constantly moist soil near soakers.

More worms attracted to the constantly moist areas.
We side dressed with Bonemeal and bloodmeal, eggshells and diatomaceous earth. Dusted again with diatomaceous earth. I noticed where I used D.E. my young sprouts did not get eaten as much.
With increased moisture come bugs, birds and digging critters looking to score your freshly planted seeds. Plan on replanting seed a few times. Plant seed in phases to stagger your fast growing plants like summer squash.
Back garden main.

Front garden

Back corner Berry garden.

Starting to get warm. June 20th is first day of summer. We are early/on time for this season.

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