The Unlimited Top Up Fund

Hello everyone!

Just a quick thread to make any South African users aware that they can now claim a free top up once every month, 100MB + 100MB FREE @ R9. I’ve checked how much data it would cost to use the site on mobile for 7 days just in regards to entering the free draws and it’s between 10 - 15 MB.

People who claim a top-up are free to use the data on whatever they like obviously, but I think by using 60MB of that over the month they will be quite happy with what they earn from the free draws.

If you know South African users or are introducing them to Electroneum, please let them know about us. The whole site is free to use other than the previously mentioned data to connect to the site. The site was built for everyone in the community, but these are the people, on the ground, in the unbanked regions that we want as much etn into the hands of as possible. It’s one of the main reasons the site was built in the first place.

With their cloud mining, their free top up and their free etn winnings I believe we can help get things moving on the ground and create more excitement for these initial users. The fund sits at around 2145 ETN at the moment, I’m going to have a chat with my users to see if they support the idea of entering the fund into the free draws so that it grows daily along with donations from members of the site and myself.

It’s the best I can do from Edinburgh, Scotland to help influence things on the ground a little and contribute to the success of the adoption of Electroneum in these areas.

Here’s the link to the donation page you can also view the full transaction history of the fund here:

Any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

South Africa, we’re with you!

Thanks, Chris

Edit: Top up fund now stands at 3,204.30 thanks to very kind donation by wTz1 here on the community forum. Thanks again for that :slight_smile:


Wow Chris this is just mega huge!!! I am definitely spreading this word! Webpage!!! Thanks


Thanks Tika, hopefully we can push ETN into the hands of those who will really get things going on the ground in these area’s!


Please push and develop your app please. It need to have all in app.

I’ll do my best to make as much progress as possible on the app as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

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